Liquid Feeling Machine
Liquid Feeling Machine
This Machine is basically volumetric, bottom Suctions Machine. The Drive Mechanism with electric motors & worm reduction gear box drives. The shaft on which two cylinders - syringes or piston pumps are mounted on either sides, eccentrically.
The SYRINGE sneaks in the liquid during 1st half of the rotation & dispenses into the bottle during the 2nd half. The bottles should be fed to the machine during the first half with the help of the operator can set volume as per requirement.

Technical Specifications

Volume adjustable

0.5/H.P. motor , 1 phase

A versatile unit to fill variety of liquids

Filling accuracy 1%

Useful for various types of containers, glass, plastic or metal.

Semi automatic with filling range from

2ml to 10ml/10 ml to 30 ml/50 ml to 200 ml/200 ml to 1000 ml. (using change parts)

With 450 to 3000 fills per hou
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