Pouch Packing Machine F.F.S.
Pouch Packing Machine F. F. S.
The machine operate on the principle of volumatric cups with a provision of volume adjustment. On volumetric from fill and sealing machine are ideal for filling dry, free flowing products like detergent powders, Sugar, Salt., Tea dust, Bhujia, Whole Spices, Rice, Pulses etc.
Capacity 25-50gm1040x0.70x1.05 Mtrs 50-100ml
SEALING TYPE Center seal or four side seal, 3 side seal
Film size 350 Kgs.
SPEED 40 to 60 bags per minute
Power 1/2 HP Motor, 220V, 50 Hz, Single Phase
NET WEIGHT 382 - 450 kgs
Dimension 780x650x1950mm (L x W x H)
OPTIONAL Batch coding device, Level sensor device, Gas flashing arrangement
Fully Automatic Semi Pneumatic F.F.S. Machine
The fully automatic semi pneumatic from fill and sealing machine with cup filler, Weigher filler and auger filler is an intermittent machine designed for the efficient packing of product in seal pouches up to 1kg.
Type of Seal Center Seal/3 side Seal
FILLING SYSTEM Volumetric cup filler, Auger Filler, Weight Filler (Available all filling systems)
Filling Accuracy +/-1%
SPEED / CAPACITY 30 to 40 bag/min(Varies with the nature of product& filling range)
Film roll Material Laminated film in roll supported film e.g. Aluminum foil Pe, PP
MACHINE SIZE 1050mm x 990mm 1900 (L x W x H)
Weight 450kg (Approx)
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